Welcome To Hidden Valley

Eyes piercing the ground

Her mind, barely hanging on by a thread

Unable to compete with the demons

That are now taking over

Because somewhere


She lost faith in herself

And everything else.


Hope stands outside

To open the door to those

Broken by life

It opens

With force

Not pushing you in;

Just saying if you are ready

Then God is too.


When she enters

She is unbelieving

Unwilling to relent

Unwilling to submit

Unwilling to forgive.


Life has stolen from her

Many things.

Things she doesn’t believe

Anyone can give back to her;

And she is right

No human can.


She stares down the lady talking

Hears something about God

How Jesus was betrayed

He understands her pain

But none of it sinks in;

Not yet anyway.


Days go by for her

She is like a robot;

Taking care of everyone

But her soul is starving

Aching for the moments

Some have

With their father

That most have

Within the home

They call ‘church.’


After a moment, she retorts

Something sarcastic

But serious

At the same time.

“How could he love me?”

Became the question

She asked

Over and over

And the answer;

So simple.

“Because he created you.”


Doubt and inconsistency are the enemy

They rule in people that are unable

To truly be loved

To open their hearts

To open the bible

To hear their Pastor

Speaking the words

God wants you so desperately to hear.


Her head still swirling with anger

Yet the truth will never be denied

Anytime you want salvation

And peace

You’ll find it




She calls the number on their card

Asks what time they meet


“It couldn’t hurt to go.”

But really, inside saying

“I need terribly to go.”


Standing at the doors;

They open forcefully

For her;

God whispers

“I’ve missed you.”

Welcome to Hidden Valley.


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