Twist Of Fate

Perdition meets dogma, and we know how that fight ends

Always with the greed, never with the man.

They have their filthy hands out, waiting for the donation

Because sometimes, just sometimes, your soul just isn’t enough.

Had anyone with the required fortitude scaled the walls

Then I wouldn’t feel it so necessary to blow the place to pieces.

You, with your angled jawline and the astute sense of justice

Yet you have never known justice in your life.

If given a dictionary, you still couldn’t tell me what mercy meant

What it really means, to us that have not had it.


Life is like a precarious balance, ever teetering on the edge

And we, like puppets doing as we are told

Doing what is ‘right’ as set forth by a bunch of imbeciles

That we are honestly lucky even had the compunction to kiss the woman they were fucking

Before they wrote the rules of what our behavior should look like.


I remember the first time a man threatened to hit me

I told him if he did that

One of us would be dead

And at the point he hit me

I wouldn’t care which of us it was

But one of us

Would assuredly

Be dead.


The first time I came to

I was in an open field with nothing around me

No food, no water, and certainly no people to distract me.

Which way would I walk? Would it matter?

I decided to go East, because nobody goes East.


The second time I was in a room with a man

Swearing his undying love and loyalty to me

I rolled my eyes at him

“Do you have any idea how many times I have heard this?”

Yes, but he thinks he means it, more than any other did.

“If you are loyal to me, then go die for me.”


Chills can take an angry form, have you looked around your room?

Life, such a splendid treat to those of us who aren’t really living it.

But let us lie and tell everyone we are, shall we?


Bookshelves line a room

I sit in the middle of them

Reading this fantastic novel

Where men actually are truthful and loyal to women

I filed it under science fiction.


Shoulders, ever so prominant

In the discerning voice

She never uses in conversation with anyone.

The vestige now broken apart

Piece by filthy piece

By a twist of fate

She was saved

By the damage

That consumed

The castle that built her.






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