We felt a sudden urgency and our feet hit the floor

They said a presence was amongst us, and we wanted to know more.

How will the powers that be ever rest knowing what they’ve done?

Sometimes the crime is in simply knowing the truth, not what comes out of the gun.

We took a test about valor once, we all seemed to pass

Yet when they asked us the definition, we all felt like an ass.

A sealed room with 8 walls, we called it our fortress

A hidden danger in a lock you cannot see made the innocent confess.

It is like a woman being accused of cheating, why not just do the crime?

You may as well have fun with the charlatan, since you’re going to do the time.

This city is just like anywhere else, with plunderers and thieves

Liars are the politicians, and the law always comes in threes.

As with anything new, we must learn and practice our new art

Yet all of those without a clue, are off to a bad start.

When the power is released within us, we must abide to the new rules

We’ll have to put on a new set of clothes, with a different set of tools.

We walked well into the cave before we found what we were after

The strength required to have this town, to get back our power.


Watch closely and tread lightly

Check your ammunition nightly.

Never let them think they have our power.