You Can’t Miss Me

Quietly, with malicious intent

A high regard for indecency

A low fuse burns silently

Insidious cries heard

But were never seen.


He would have been

A great canidate

For everlasting love

Many many years

Before he met me.


The putrid smell

He casts out

Is typically only mediated

By the fact you want to kick his personalities ass

Any of the personalities

He is showing

At that moment.


Curled toes

Messed up faces

And all the temptation he can stand,

It is easy to rid a boy of you

Simply distract him

To the point he no longer remembers

He thought he was in love.


One night

While I was left alone

He called me

“I’ve missed you so much”

I laughed

“You can’t miss me

You’ve never had me.”


lost soul




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