He Called

It was so late when he called

I thought it was someone else

So I just answered

When I heard his voice

The world stopped.


He called to say he’s sorry

It was all just a little too late

What I thought and what we had

Was never worth the wait.


It was like strangers talking to eachother

In a familiar sort of way

I remember the fighting but never the love

How terribly cold it can get in May.


I thought about not saying anything

Or just hanging up on him.

Maybe I should tell him I”m in love?

Maybe I should tell him it is too late.


He called to set himself straight

Maybe so he could sleep better at night?

Perhaps he just called me

To remind me that he was always right?


He called to tell me goodbye

Or at least that’s what I said.

Everything he thought we were

Was only in his narcissistic little head.


He talked about the past a little

Then cleared his throat to resume.

He told me I should probably go to bed

“It is late there, I presume.”


He told me he wanted to call

But he didn’t know what to say

We hadn’t really talked at all

Not since that fateful day.


I told him everything was fine

That really I didn’t have far to fall.

His pedestal was made of straw

“But thank you for your call.”


When I hung up the phone

I looked at it for a minute

As I watched his number disappear

Just like everything else did

Right that moment.





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