A swirl of dust on the land

Just a little more than I planned

A wish in a well

A long, yet delicious spell

And the world that suddenly turned green.


A frog laid up on a pad

Life altering something so sad

A tornado that endures to the end

A tree that breaks, but doesn’t bend.

And a system that desires your fall.


Hues of yellow hit your pillow at night

You have nobody to hold you tight.

As convenient as you were yesterday

It isn’t so fun when he decides to play.

And a life so off course you get numb.


She is the rain that pours down your body

The life you want to embody

She’s the storm and all its aftermath

The beauty of a naked bath

And the tornado that fucks it all up.


She doesn’t fulfill all the desires you need

She’s a mess with a shameless deed

You’ll give her your trust

She’ll cry if she must

And the tears you’ll keep for posterity.


You will shake your head and wonder about her

The stillness will take over and it will all be a blur

Then you’ll remember that sometimes

Life just happens

Even to other people.