She Won’t Win This

The mother everyone wanted

Beautiful and fit

Could bake cookies

While removing gum

From your sisters hair.

She took care of your grandparents

When they both passed away.

She sat and listened to you for hours

Talk about everything

And encouraged you to keep talking

Which led you to the career you have now.


Read you books before you slept

Made sure you had lunch money every day

And encouraged every idea you ever had.

She was your goddess

The one person you knew

Was on your side

No matter what.


She watched your father

Philander his way around town

And listened to the whispers

Of the people in town that knew

Yet never told her.


Every battle she has been put in

She has won

And come out a stronger person

Because of it.


Today she got a diagnosis

That shook her world up.

She’s afraid to tell you

Afraid you will see her as weak

As she succumbs

To the one fight

She won’t win.


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