Mend Then Heal Others

Tonight I pray

For every man struggling with depression

For every woman

That has ever been victimized.

I pray for peace in your soul

Hope that you will see the other side of this storm.

That you will see there is a safe harbor

Where you can land

Feel the sand under your feet

And breathe in the soft warm air.

I’m telling you

There is another side to this

There is peace




And hope

At the end of your pain.

I know you don’t see it right now

But it is there.

Please believe me

It is within grasp.

Until then

I will be your voice

You can hear me

Crying out

For your soul

To be okay.

Until then

You can hear me

Fight for your justice

Hear your pain

And understand it.

Vengeance is not ours

That is for God.

But trust me

With everything I have in me

You will have it.

It is just is not ours to take.

I will offer you peace

A safe haven for a while

An understanding voice

A woman that knows what it is like

To stand at the edge of a cliff

Begging for someone to care

If I jumped or not.

There is someone that cares;

I do.

God does.

He didn’t want you to be hurt.

He wanted you to be happy

Then this person came along

To make you question everything

To make you unaware of the love

Within you.

Let go of that

Let me have it,

Give vengeance to God

Then mend

So you can heal others.

I don’t care what situation you were in

Whether you were fighting for your life

Begging it to stop

Or asking for it to happen again

It was wrong.

Let go of all of it

Pray to God for you to be the person you were before

Then go out and help someone else

Like you know you need to do.

Beautiful are the people able to mend, then heal others. ~Josephine Ranes~



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