I Wish

I wish I could feel his breath on my neck

Wish I could feel him within

Want every part of his love around me

Wish he didn’t act so grim.


I wish he still believed in fairy tales

That maybe he thought I was the one

I’m sure he’s past the stage of dreaming

But wouldn’t a lifetime of that be fun?


I wish I could feel him around me

Wish I could just hear his laugh

Wish I could take every part of his soul

Instead of settling for just this half.


I wish he had never been broken

A woman would have never hurt his heart

What kind of love could I have from this man

If we truly had a great start?


I wish I could see the side of him

He never shows to the world

Wish the sound of my voice and its message

Left more than his tone curled.


I wish him the best every day

And hope that he always is well

Wish the feelings he held back from fear

He would feel, then tell.


I wish he was the rain on my body

Feeling each line in my skin

Wanting and lusting, taking and feeling

Then wanting more of me from within.


Wish I could hear all his secrets

The things he doesn’t speak of

The fantasies, the life he wants

And me, his love.


the question



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