There is a very small apple growing

On a very large tree

A human comes along to pick it

But in their greed, they want three.


There is a patch of a river

That isn’t very wide

Boaters want it larger

So they in can go in for a ride.


Sometimes we are satisfied

Most times, we are not.

While you lay in your king bed

There is a child with only a cot.


While you have your freedom

Someone else is a slave

What if it meant everything to someone

With what you just gave?


In a field eats a horse

That makes your family proud

While you put out your poison for mice

Because they aren’t allowed.


Who makes the rules

What lives, and what dies?

I know you love birds

But what about flies?


What if reincarnation

Was truly our fate

That you would return

As whatever you hate?


I implore to the hunters

Only take what you need

Because maybe that animal

Has babies to feed.


We ruin the planet

With generations left to live

We take breath from the air

Yet nothing do we give.


They are selling our sisters

A child of only ten

She is thrown into the trashiest world

With the most disgusting of men.


These children are our daughters

As innocent as they could be

Why do we sell them to strangers at night?

Why aren’t we setting them free?


Where is your fortitude?

Your anger at what we do?

Go on about your life with this travesty

Pretend you never knew?


What if you go to heaven upon death

Your asked at that point, why?

Would you ask for a second chance to save the world

Or just sit, and cry?


Sometimes people get so lost in lives

They don’t know this world is corrupt.

When people gather together to fight

We could make this entire ordeal erupt.


Sometimes thinking outside the box

Will get us much further than we are today.

Sometimes the worst in all of us

Was in us, even in play.


Guarding those that cannot

Protecting the innocent

Is our duty in our lifetime

The one thing we won’t have to repent.







2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. An incredibly astute writer, Ms. Ranes is honestly gifted. Thank you for bringing so many subjects to light with such clarity and sussinctness. Look forward to seeing more and more of your profound writings.

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