We go in to check the corpse

You can hear her through the land

We wake her to do our bidding

We will need an extra hand.

Her mind is back in the past

Her thoughts on yesterday

We’ve tried to remove them bit by bit

But they just never go away.

Caught up in a bad situation

A decision was made in haste

Maybe he would turn out to be good?

Then again, maybe he is just a waste.


We don’t call her by her name anymore

She doesn’t even want to live

Every day is a battle for her

Of what to take, and what to give.


Sitting licking healing wounds

A man comes by one day

Sits beside her and talks a while

Then decides he’ll never go away.

That moment turns into days

Weeks, months, and years

He knows he’s gotten her over the past

As he’s wiped off all her tears.


The very essence of being

Is not caught up in your past

It isn’t the one that walked away

It will always be with your last.


How does a man love a broken woman?

Day by day it seems.

These are the times life defines us

By feeling, and dreams.


Forgive yourself for poor decisions

Flip off those that want to remind you.

Put the past where it belongs, my friend

And you’ll find your life anew.