The Season of Doubt

Sanity licks an angry blade

Then leaves it laying on the floor.

Calling, with waning feelings

Isn’t that what you’re here for?

Pretending your life, the lie

Holds within it a balance of reason

That cares not

For feelings or season.

Awakening from a coma

Self induced, of course.

Led to an obtuse male

If nothing, but by force.

Belief in what was not real

While he confused the truth with his lie

Embedded in what he thought was real

The truth was he wouldn’t fly.

Everyone but me was right about him

As they told me he was a fraud.

I believed every word he said

As if he were some God.

A catfish of epic proportion

In what was my season of doubt

Now, in hindsight

Wish I had gone another route.

Another had to pay for his crimes

Like a boy he didn’t stay

I’m happy to be the one

The one that got away.

Maybe he will trick someone else

I wish I could stop the crime

But I don’t have any sympathy inside me

And I really don’t have the time.


My life has changed so much since then

I only think of him when I doubt

My love knows where it comes from

Especially when I pout.

Stop coming to where I am

Thinking maybe I believed your lies

You were a trial and error in a time

When I couldn’t tell the shit from the flies.





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