Time to Let Go

The rope is fraying;

One you have held onto for years,

That keeps you tied to the past

Therefore regretting everything

That happened to you from that point on.

You fumble for it

Claim there is nothing wrong with it

When people point it out

But you will die

If you hang onto that rope

Much longer.

It is time to let go of that rope.


You know she doesn’t love you anymore;

You kissed someone else

Then told her every intimate detail

While she was in the balance

Between life and death.

If that weren’t enough,

You claim no loyalty to anyone

Because you are ‘too good for it’

So you allowed a friend

To speak ill of her

Right in front of her.

Now you aren’t sure

If letting her go was a good decision.

Trust me

Let her go,

You don’t love her

You never did

You are a liar

Let it go.


The whiskey bottle

You hold in your hand every night

So you can forget

How everyone reminds you

What a terrible tragedy you are

What a mistake you were

How you turned out to be nothing.

That whiskey bottle is not your friend

Drunkenness will not replace for you

These terrible people and what they say.

It is time to let go

Walk away from that

And them.


Honor is not for fools

Loyalty is not for those who cheat

It complicates them

Confuses them


Who is clever enough

To have loyalty

And explain how they were there

With another woman

In your absence?


You remember a time

You were a small child

Someone did something terrible to you

It changed your entire world

Made you think poorly of men

He made you feel guilty about it

You still can taste the shame

Even this many years later.

You have to let that go

Get it out on paper

Then burn it.


These aren’t your crimes

They belong to someone else

So why carry them?

Why pay the ultimate price

For something

Someone else did?

Let it go.







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