How About Some Sex?

You’ve met his mom

And his dad

They both fit within the fad.

Make him cake

Took him lunch

Wanted grapes, you took a bunch.

Watched his games

Heard him snore

You think he may be a bore?

Wore him thin

Wore him out

But it was just a teeny little pout.

You took him in

Then pushed him out

Isn’t that what love is all about?

It’s been months

Not very long

When you think of right and wrong.

What if he’s bad?

What if it’s great?

It’s 1am, you think it’s too late?

Should I call him now

Tell him yes?

Then put on a slinky dress?

You give him ass

Without a ring

Does it turn instantly to a fling?

I’ll call him up

Threat with a hex

Then tell him “how about some sex?”

Will he think me strange?

Will I be next?

Wait, I just received his text.

He wants me now!

I’m not in the mood

I’d rather go and get some food.




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