Until I Concede

The good fights

Ones that don’t break me

Make me question myself

Or my honor



I will fight to the death.

All the others

I will not.


He stands at the battlefield

Punches the ground for show

I’d tell you all the things he said

But I think you already know.


Men say the same things to women

They think will anger us all

The problem is we are all different

If you push one of us, we all will not fall.


Cradled in my arm is my sword

I’ve named it “perdition.”

Lost the spell that came with it

As well as the invocation.


Tonight he’ll dance around like a fool

Make a mess of what was my floor.

In the morning I’ll test his strength on a cliff

Maybe death, maybe more.


He asked me why I fight the fight

If I really wanted to bleed

“How long will you go on with this?”

“I’ll fight until I concede.”





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