You’ve Made A Mistake

Pouring out the life of me

Seemed an endless quest for blood.

I didn’t know it would be so easy

To pretend we weren’t playing in mud.

Then one day I woke up from that dream

Came to the realization this was my life right here.

It was as if someone else told me to drive

And I didn’t know how to steer.

Failed at every task given

Even the easy ones.

Flew right past the gates of hell

Because I didn’t like their guns.

Someone told me I was a farmer

So I tried that for a while.

Turns out, I don’t really like to grow things

I just left all the stuff in a pile.

Then they said I was a carpenter

So I bought myself a hammer

“The hell am I doing with all these tools?

I want something with a little more glamour.”

Trying my hand at the secretarial jobs

I didn’t like being told what to do

It’s an affliction in a writers head

That what you told them, they already knew.

I tried being stablity

But I didn’t really know what that meant.

Can I never move or change anything

Like steel that has never bent?

Don’t think these lives are really for me

I fail at them, every turn

When you tell me I cannot touch that flame

Trust me, I’m going to burn.

When I was reminded this is the life for me

“You must like what you take”

I rolled my eyes at the thought of it

And said “seriously, you’ve made a mistake.”



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