The Castle

Tenderly he touched my face

Wiping the tears from my eyes

Assured me he was there to protect

That hell would come down from the skies.


He coaxed me out of my protective shell

We had lunch by this beautiful lake

I told him what all had happened to me

And he told me which path to take.


Told him I had never felt safe

He said I would always be safe with him

As long as he lived nobody would hurt me

Even though my view was rather grim.


He took my fear within him

Protected me with all he had

Promised me his honor

Not once did he get mad.


Feel like a peasant next to him

Where mercy was never given

Handed a penance for my life

Then realized I wasn’t living.


Floral arrangements adorn the door

There are windows all around

Roses abound around the castle

Now there is a beautiful sound.


Life has taken a sudden turn

My debts are all paid

The atmosphere is different now

And different plans are laid.


I left the shell of me at the shore of that lake

The day we had our lunch

He taught me that day to love myself

Because he loved me so much.


Forces of nature took its course

Headed for the wrong path

Then along comes freedom to change the way

Now they can deal with his wrath.





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