Leather, Maybe Some Lace

Clothes are left scattered about

Speaking really has no clout

When all that you want is to be tangled in his love.

Honest words are worthless at times

Beer is better with lots of limes

I’ll leave that one with you to think about for a while.

Integrity is lost to interpretation

The concept of love requires concentration

When all that is left is to touch someone in their soul.

I’ll wear some leather, maybe some lace

Put myself right up in your face

Then ask you what you intend to do with me now.

Not one to question intention

Loving myself a little tension

If you can dish it out, I certainly can take it.

Boys have this all so wrong

You are really supposed to come on strong

Or women like me tend to lose interest.

The second you show me I can live without you

Is the one second you will regret everything you do

Or move on to someone a little easier to get.



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