I Miss Life

Life is going so very fast

There are so many times I wish it would stop

Like tonight

When we are on the phone

Can’t time just stop for a little?


I miss the rain on Sunday mornings

When I’m trying to get to church clean.

I miss the way I’d set my tea up

When someone would move one, I’d get mean.

I miss my kitchen being so busy

Could hardly keep track of it all.

I miss hobbies, and sporting events

The Summer, Winter, and Fall.

I miss kissing and talking

Playing around with someone I love

I miss the gentle way that feelings can heal

With softness, not a shove.

I miss the silent way the night caressed me

Into a loving and tender sleep.

The feeling after an argument

When nobody wanted to weep.

I miss the feeling of knowing

The person I love would never leave

Not something I even ever thought about

Now today, I cannot believe.

I miss taking in a deep breath

Thinking before I speak.

The gentle aftermath of making love

When every part of you is weak.

I miss reading by a soft lamp at night

Getting ready for bed with another

I missed a life I never had

Where I have this protective brother.

I miss getting dressed up just to taunt

The feeling of knowing what he would want

I miss everything about living

Before my past decided to haunt.



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