Passion fills the air for me

But not for what you think it to be

I’m not as settled as you may think.

I want a flagrant and brilliant home

Where all my creativity can roam

And nobody judges what I did or didn’t do.

A man to call my very own

That is wise, old, and grown

Not someone I need to teach anything to.

I want symbols to leak in like air

Sex and temptation everywhere

Where he only wants me, and me alone.

I will be his spice in life

Make such a brilliant wife

He’ll wonder why he didn’t find me years ago.

Maybe I’m a bit over zealous

But I never want him to make me jealous

All his heart is in and on top of me.

That passion that I have won’t wane with time

I’ll always have this beautiful rhyme

In case you forget the checklist of what I want.

A castle built upon a rock

Words that I can put in stock

And nothing to take him away from me at all.

Love and lust intertwined

What we seek we will eventually find

I’d like a minute or two of silliness.

A room full of nothing but books

A queen, a king, but never rooks

A nice warm bed to fall into every night.



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