The Nine

Love rises from the Earth

To cover porous ends.

Ocean doesn’t cleanse the stench

Melpomene attends.

Terpsichore moves about

Just trying to avoid the crime.

It isn’t hard for her, you see

She has no sense of time.

Calliope finds the time to roam

When the pen is taken out.

Beautiful love, written in skies

Woven like a shout.

Not to be outdone by Erato

That wrote them in the sand.

Love, in never ending detail

Laid upon the land.

Polyhymnia sings even more

Up in the sky of stars.

Her dance and music lighten skies

And ends all the wars.

Thalia ends all seriousness

While speaking of a whale.

She laughs at the cost of battle

While telling this taunting tale.

Euterpe quietly enters the scene

And with dignity afoot,

Places music through all the land

Then makes everyone stay put.

Urania divides the stars

In equal parts for all.

What you can now see in the Summer

You can also see in the Fall.

Clio doesn’t take a stand

She thinks this all is great.

Never changing the course of time

Nor the course of fate.


*Written 2012* Yes, I’m a Greek God Geek *



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