Maybe the stars don’t shine at night

They are an illusion in your mind.

Maybe I’m simpler than some women

Or maybe I’m really not that blind.

I spent a hundred days trying to convince him

Then six hundred trying to mend.

So many more licking wounds that don’t heal

With one infatuated friend.

Maybe I don’t know what your motive is

Perhaps I really do

Playing along is part of the game

Depending on what you knew.

Destiny meets with fate

At the end of a long dark road

I’m not the one to judge your actions

Nor the one to weigh your load.

In moments when I should have screaming

I’ve found myself quite mute.

In moments I should have been more quiet

I’m a shilling gotten in ill repute.

There are scores of words I don’t know

I’ve never looked them up at all

There is moment I knew my life was caving

Though I refused to acknowledge the fall.

Been objectionable on my best days

Hid away on my worst

Thought I did terribly once

Found out I came in first.

The expression I give in typical moments

Leads one to believe I’m not kind

I’m like the diamond that is still coal

Far before it’s cut and shined.

Walked on a thousand roses once

Then said I couldn’t feel the thorns

Showed everyone this magnificent halo

Forgot to mention the horns.