Take My Matches

Within the quiet recesses of my mind

Playing a scene over and over in my head

Of me, getting everything I want

Which is you.


The tenderness that betrays us

Grief that pulls us together

Wavering instability that is my mind

Pulled from every ash I’ve burned

Because I never learned nostalgia;

I burn everything I think I won’t need anymore.


Wandered straight out of hell

Then held my arms up, screaming at you

“What the hell have you DONE?”


Waves hit a shoreline

With daunting regularity

To the point it becomes boring

To those of us that want to analyze it.


Closing my eyes

I see you

Standing in front of me

Holding your hand out.

My heart sighs in relief

While my mind is racing

Wondering if I fell before you

What you would do?


My answer comes to me

In waves of feelings

I know you have for me

Still I wonder

If you’ll take my matches away.



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