Loved the Fall

Left all alone in an empty closet

With nothing but desire inside

The ability to open the door

But the desire within her to hide.

They pushed her down into a well once

They got tired of hearing her scream

Once she thought she was a rainbow

But all of that was just a dream.

Hindered her thoughts for a moment

Whispered everything she said was a lie

She thought maybe she’d be a writer

They said it is terrible, don’t even try.

Heard something tell her to let go

But the rope was her only comfort

Sliding in to save the day

Was one with this delicate shirt.

Ensnared in a reason for jealousy

Forced to resign from the relic she boasts

There is a simple reminder of a gentler time

When she could remember feeling the most.

Now shielded from that she gains clarity

With that, all freedom of thought prevails

She can push the boat out to all the seas

Open all the sails.

Death was her only recourse

It is what saved her, after all

One night she went climbing

And absolutely loved the fall.



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