Forgive Her

She never gave up on the world;

She was born into hate and discontent.

She didn’t stop believing;

She doesn’t know what it means

Because nobody believed in her.

She didn’t hate anyone;

People hurt her

She had nobody

Didn’t know how to deal with it.

She isn’t wasteful;

She doesn’t know the value of things

Because she doesn’t know she is invaluable.

She isn’t weak;

She has moments

Where everything catches up to her

She gets overwhelmed

Has nobody that she thinks will understand

So she has to process it

Through a mind

That has been fed

Bad information.


Forgive her.




3 thoughts on “Forgive Her

  1. And so will one rise.
    Extend a hand
    to dry her tears
    show her another way
    and able to bring back
    her smile
    once more.
    Will she trust enough
    to grow and heal
    within the arms
    of one
    who forgave her?

    or so my mind writes!
    Loved your read!

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