The Storm Within Her

I couldn’t find anyone suitable

To raise you

With your wild spirit

Unfettered imagination

And propensity to find justice

In unreasonable circumstances.

So I gave you a nurse to hold you

Upon birth

To tell you what beautiful eyes you have

How unlucky you were to be born by her

And my apology for not finding you suitable parents.

Then I gave to you Sarah

That loved you from the instant you were born

Until the moment of her death.

A father so confused

That he gave you away

To save his marriage

You were not the lesson in that

It was his lesson.

A test for your mother

Whether alcohol or her child

Were important

As you know

She failed that one.

Thinking quickly

I put into your life true friendships;

People that loved you with the ferocity you require

The loyalty you admire

And all the honest intention I could muster.

Men to teach you lessons

Like that last one

About integrity

Boy did you walk away from that one

Ten years wiser.

Put a storm within you

That nobody could tame

Intelligence to match wits with the best of them

And a sense of humor that is required in life.

Gave you the best books in the world

With a learning disorder

So you know that nothing is handed to anyone

Without a twist.

I give everyone some reasons

Some I give some hard lessons

But what you do with them

Is completely up to you.

Remember as you love this one

She’s been through a lot in life

I couldn’t find her a perfect home

So I am entrusting you

To show her

The storm within her

Is beautiful.

the question


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