Yea.. That Too.

She wants to know my secret

The armor I protect myself with

I call it a shut off valve

Where I don’t have to feel anything

Where life just goes around me

Like the fat King

Sitting on this throne

Waving his arm

“Carry on.”


You guys

“Go ahead and live your life

I’m just going to lie here

And pretend I’m dead. ”


She said

“But Josephine

If you don’t feel the bad things

Then you won’t feel the good things either.”


Yea.. That too.

if I



One thought on “Yea.. That Too.

  1. Ain’t it the truth. Go away. Get a life while I reclaim mine.

    Your art speaks clearly, too. Let the sun, moon, stars, and sea restore me, while Mother Nature heals my weary soul with Her immortal presence. The rock symbolic of the stable Earth. Grounded.

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