How Far Can You Fall?

Could you completely lose yourself in love with a person?

Or do you need the control of knowing exactly where you are?

Fall to your knees in prayer in front of your pastor?

Or do you think your sins pale in comparison to your neighbors?

If you had an enemy trapped, with the perfect revenge in your hands

Would you bury that revenge in them, or under them?

If you lived honestly for one full day, only speaking the truth

How many people would still care for you tomorrow?

If falling for your next love was like flying off a cliff

With no guarantee of the ease of your fall, would you jump?

If someone told you a fact that changed your beliefs

Would you believe them, or argue your point to the detriment of your friendship?

If you saw a news report of a young Palestinian child that had been killed

Would your heart ache for her, or you turn your head because she is a world away from you?

Would it hurt more to see that all over the news, that child laying there dead were your daughter?

انهم جميعا بناتنا



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