It’s been nothing but crickets for months

Then I hear his voice again

It reminds me how innocent I was

How I believed


Reminds me of watching shows

Things that I considered to be ours

Was really for everyone.

Reminds me of the necklace

I gently placed in the trash

So I wouldn’t have to see it anymore.

It reminds me of the ignorance

Of 30-something year old men

That still get dating advice

From their terminally single friends.

It reminds me that loyalty

Is not for fools.

That people can walk away from you

Not looking back at all

Not even once.

It reminds me that one moment

A man could be swearing his love to you

The very next

He is explaining

Why he doesn’t.

That childish sounding voice

I was subjected to today

Reminds me of letting go

And how some poeple

Have no idea

What they are letting go of.

The forest (french)