They would love to talk to you about all my failures

How I couldn’t keep a man around to save my life.

Tell you all about how I failed at college

Much like I failed as a wife.

On and on about what a terrible parent I am

How they have to buy so many things

The poor dear children are starving at night

Unless it is dinner they bring.


They won’t tell you that I’ve killed myself

To be the perfect child

Baptized in a church I didn’t belong in

Then the rumors about me were wild.

Not a word will be said about my writing

How I’ve woken sometimes to escape

Within a world I can understand

A world with no red tape.

Nary a word will be said of my loyalty

Devotion to the monster that is her

The lies I’ve had to completely ignore

My entire childhood, a blur.


They’ll tell you I’m a complete failure

In everything I’ve done

Most of what they say is a lie

They’ve devised, just for fun.


Once I heard I was in prison

Sent there for a few years

Then I heard I had terrible depression

You’d try to talk to me and get tears.

The rumors they make up about me

In all their silly fun

Is the only reason I’ve ever even thought

I’d rather not sit here, I want to run.


In very dark moments

When I’ve heard a nasty lie

I’ll seriously consider for a moment

Maybe it’s better if I just die.

Then I regain composure

Remember what I’m fighting for

Just to go out another day

And hear the bullshit some more.


What they say about me

Far from the truth and blantanly

Everything I wouldn’t want to be

Yet who wants to be around

Anyone that wouldn’t clear it up with me?