Healing Begin

Blowing past what she doesn’t remember

Lost to circumstances

Well beyond her control.

Once stood upon the top of her demons

Pronouncing them gone

Rewarded for the lost souls

Though none of them were, really.

Took torment to a whole new level

As nothing happening around her

Caused her concern, or dismay.

The origin was the conception

Though some would argue it was well after.

Now that all has been lost to the fire

That built inside her for decades.

Now she sits in the castle she hates

Built with her own two hands

Lavishly undecorated

Save for the books littering the room.

Unfiltered words come from her mouth

Ash and soot at her feet

She spreads the joy of what she never had

With those she knows has had it handed to them.

Years pass with nary a sign

Even her aging seems to have stopped

When outside the castle a song is heard.

Pulling back the curtains she sees him

Wonders what he could want

That she possibly does not have to give.

A chance is taken in darkness

Not with haste, but with trepidation

A whisper, the only sign of trust

And now

Let the healing begin.



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