Naked in Darkness

Teeth are for biting

Nails for scratching

Words are for love

Let nothing distract us.

Swaying to music

To undress my mind

Clothes begin to fall

In darkness.

Everything stops

For the moment.

There are no deadlines

We aren’t waiting for anything

Nobody is calling

Because our phones

Are shut off.

We are lost in a time

That is ours

And ours alone

Where nobody can judge us

Because nobody knows.

Hands are for exploring

Tongues are for licking

Knees are for submission

Though we needn’t remind you

Of that.

When we are done

And spent

You put me on my knees

To please you


nature and nurture


3 thoughts on “Naked in Darkness

  1. Good morning Josephine… Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this very much… So much… that I’m on my way out to stand in the cold rain… Thank you…
    Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…

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