What is left of my yesterday

Held in my left hand, for posterity.

There is nobody around to hear me

So what is the point in feeling anything, really?

To fully accept your discipline

You must agree that your crime fits the punishment.

There are no signs out here, just landmarks

And none of them mean anything, to me.

Rushing to the death I’d wanted several times in life

I spent wanting the truth to end up with lies

Requesting the best meal you could provide

Ending up with a plate void of anything meaningful

And yet I kept walking like I was really going somewhere.


Seemingly endless roads, with twists and turns

Life, full of greatness then burns

Me sitting down is the only defiance I know.


The path has been a weary trick

Growing, like an angry dick

That doesn’t exactly know what to do with itself now.


Right now I stand in contemplation

My hope is some point fornication

But I’ll have to put off my sinning for this “thinking it through.”


Loving where I sit today

Thinking of him is my form of play

He’d blush if he knew how many times I wanted him on me.


Didn’t want to end up a jaded bitch

You read the one where I was a witch?

Funny how life turns around to remind you of the past.


Today I’ll fulfill a prophecy

The one where this is all make believe

Close my eyes and start my day again.


We all know a guy that’s a pretty good charmer

Just like we know pain always makes the best armor

Don’t deviate from your path just because it hurts.