You force a reaction from people

Then are shocked at the response.

The untimely demise of the ad campaign

Left very little to the imagination.

Help those who hunger for revenge

You’ll probably go to prison.

They force us to put up their slogan

That says something about fighting for freedom

When we all know every war ever fought

Was fought for greed.

That wouldn’t make a very good slogan though

Now would it?

If you intend to do nothing

Then stop thinking

Stop posting dribble

Nobody wants to read anyway.


A series of numbers forms a chain

We’ll call it command, for fun

We’ll take down a few thousand of them

We won’t even need a gun.

No lives wasted, nobody in pain

Not looking for fortune or fame

All is fair in this the ultimate revenge

Especially when most of us think it’s a game.


Riddles are common amongst the many that agree

The fight the battle, we refuse to flee

Nothing is lost but our time to your indifference.

We must be cautious who we call a fool

For with a brain, we use as a tool

Then you become the next X we’re looking for.

But then honestly, in this game, who is keeping score?


Your the pawn

I’m the queen

I protect

All but you.

No king or queen

Would ever

Protect a pawn.

0000000000000000000001aaa Yes, I know this is not a picture of a King, Queen, or Pawn.



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