Stopping along the path

In a beautiful rain

Where you don’t really get damp

Just feels like a heavy dew.

Look over at a tree

Realizing I’ve been passing them for years

With nary a thought of them

Now I’m thinking I should stop a minute

Take a look at one more closely

Maybe even touch it.


I’m ready for something real now

Ready to actually touch.

Been practicing for long enough

Alone, but not, as such.

Ready for someone to fall into me

Like a man with nothing to lose.

Finding everything he’s wanted in me

Day after day, I’m the one he will choose.


Slowly I walk up to the tree

Smile at the smell I haven’t noticed in ages

Reach out my hand and touch the bark

So rough and moist from the rain.


I don’t remember it being so difficult

To want something real.