He didn’t ever say that he loved me
Didn’t mention it at all.
We talked about all sorts of things
But he said he would not call.

He said he’s started life over
Picked up the pieces again.
Said we could say hello from time to time
But no, we couldn’t be friends.

He didn’t say that he missed me
Probably all part of his plan.
This whole ‘picking up the pieces’ thing
Forced him to be a man.

I never said I was sorry
Our lives turn out for the best.
Sometimes we are the lesson
Sometimes we are the test.

I really didn’t feel anything
It was more of an inconvenience.
To be forced to deal with a past I forgot
In a moment of temporary weakness.

He asked how my life was today
Where I lived,  and if I loved.
Told him I was alone and meant to be
I would only change that, if shoved.

He said he found someone very tempting
Has taken her out once or twice.
Said she wasn’t his level intellectually
But she really is very nice.

Then an awkward silence came over
I told him I had to go.
It wasn’t the fact that he told me
It was that he thought I would want to know.

When I asked if sometime he would call me
He said he couldn’t, left it at that.
“Our lives are going different directions”
So he left me, just where I sat.

I whispered “I’m glad it is over”
He couldn’t hear me, I was glad.
I was the one that ran away from him
The best thing he never had.