You remember the battle cry

Saw everyone fall to the ground

Thought for certain you’d really die.

Not a single person held back

It was a terrible fight

You didn’t sit in defense

To went on a full attack.

Tears were streaming down your face

You lost it all in every way

The battle took it all from you

All but your beautiful grace.

You thought you had lost the will

When you turned down that road

Where there was a fork

Couldn’t see over the hill.

An instant when time wouldn’t move

You finally could catch a break

Lucky you didn’t die

Happy you found your groove.

These are not the best of times

He wasn’t very honorable

What he did was very wrong

Someday he’ll pay for his crimes.

Today you just take a minute

Happy to be alive

Happy you have your health

A life, without him in it.

Lost a battle, but you won the war

An angry battle with a hopeless man

He’ll be the one you are happy you left

The one you’ll always deplore. temptation lies