Come Walk With Me

Allow me to show you this place over here

Where the room is messy, yet suitably organized for me.

The air is full of beer and cigarettes but it seems vacant

Like at one time there was a flurry of activity, but now there is none.

This other room is completely empty

Though it looks like a child scratched pictures into the floor

Things maybe she wanted, but didn’t ever get.

Then you walk to a wall and see more of them

Perhaps these terrible things, are what she got instead.

In yet another room lies pieces of paper

Random writings lay all over the floor

Some seem to speak of history, while some seem to sting

Yet once in a while you grab one that sounds of love and forgiveness.

This room was the catharsis, the beginning of the journey to healing.

The next room seems to confuse you

It is nearly destroyed

Doors are off hinges, a mess everywhere

Thinking I’ve taken you to the wrong room, you enter the hallway

But it is the next room

You look around it for a minute and see the stains of blood

Thinking the pain must have been terrible, you look at me

Immediately looking back down at the floor, and the mess

You take my hand and swear you will heal me.

“Do you see any wounds? I’m healed.”

i whispered in the dark


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