The Shadows of Purgatory

There were scores of them around

Hordes of both beasts

And men

Which made it hard to discern.

Silently she could slip between

What was her reality

Which was the abyss

And the fantasy she created in her head

That could keep her safe

Since nothing else ever seemed to work.


Standing up in front of the strangers

She taps the microphone

Clears her throat

Then tells a story of a baby

Nobody wanted.

A story where you think

Maybe this next thing

Will be the one that redeems her

But nothing does.

When she is done

The audience is agast

She ends with

“So here I am today.”

Stands there for a moment

As if anyone would clap at that

Then takes her seat in the front row.

The next speaker talks of how to deal with the chaos

In the shadows of purgatory.



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