In Your Life

You were given a clean slate upon birth

With the ability to go anywhere

See everything.

To tenderly fall in love at a young age

Simply to have it fall apart

So you can learn how to heal

From a broken heart.

To learn how to survive in this world

Find out whether you will be rich or poor

Working hard to barely get by

Or have money fall from the sky.


If in your life

You haven’t flown in a plane

Talking to a stranger

Eating the terrible food

Seeing the beautiful sights

Just so you could be somewhere else

And reinvent yourself

Somewhere else

Or ridden a train

Across the country

Talking to most the people on it

Sleeping while it made noise

Bumped around

And people stirred.

If you haven’t seen the ocean

Felt a wave upon your leg

To dive in

And find the power of the water

So beautiful.

Then you haven’t truly lived at all.


If in your life

You’ve never fallen madly in love

Broken a heart

Made love all night long

Taken a walk in the rain

Or in the snow

Found some kind of solice

In something someone disregarded

Or someone

That someone disregarded.

Then you haven’t truly lived at all.


Life gave you chances to live

To do everything you’ve ever wanted

If you didn’t grasp what you loved

Like a lion holding on to its prey

And you let it slip from you like a fool

Then you wasted your chance.

never be broken


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