I Won’t

Water washes sins away

But can also take our life.

Surrounded by a poisonous gas

Living within strife.

Mountains are so beautiful

They don’t even have to try.

Yet give one a little lava

Let all that, touch the sky.

I won’t fight a constant battle

Between what is beautiful, what is not.

What is real within the vast chaos

When I was left there, to rot.

I won’t take away your fight

Or make you lose to me.

There are many reasons we try again

But few, where we flee.

I won’t struggle for a love

Or try to make it right.

If it is love

It doesn’t come with a fight.

I won’t be a shield for you

To hide behind at night.

What could have happened to a man

To give him such a fright?


Silence tears through the house

Then you really know you’re alone

You can grab for every weapon you have

Forget about the phone.

When passion arrives a little off course

It always comes at a cost

While you’re embroiled in it though

You don’t know what you lost.

When your soul mate arrives later on

Will your life be nice and tidy?

Something about your life you know

Your soul mate is the almighty.



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