Hold to belief that what you say

The words falling out of your mouth

You mean in some sort of way.

Hold to the steadiness of your heart

When someone is dancing on the strings

And they just won’t go away.

Hold to all the principles

Your ancestors held so dear

For so many years.

Hold to the people through this world

That brought you a moment of happiness

Never tears.

Hold to the rock that steadies you

That you know will be there

Through thick and thin of your life.

Hold to the truth you know is within you

The one that begs for reconcilliation

The one you cannot cut out with a knife.

Hold to the love you know is in your heart

The love you have for humans, for animals

For everything upon this land.

Hold firm to the ideals you believe in

That you have looked through

That are banned.

Hold to the sentiment of the people

Through right, wrong, just or injust

Because without that, we rot.

Hold to the papers you read daily

Not for what they say

But for what they do not.



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