How Are You?

The filters in their heads are gone

They both know where their hearts lie

Know they cannot escape their love

Even without speaking to one another.

With the million miles that separate them,

With neither of them hearing “I love you”

Over anything.


A shadow out in this world

That carries her in his heart

That she never gets to see

Never to gets to touch

Never gets to hear.


A woman sitting in her room

With you

In her heart



But you.


You can ignore it for a while

But doesn’t she always return?

The thought of her

Touching your lips

Telling you she loves you

While sitting right there in front of you?

Does her memory not serve as a reminder

Of how much you love her?


Some day you both will be old

Look back on the days when wanting

Became increasingly unbearable

You’ll remember how you dealt with it

How sometimes smiling at a stranger eased it

Eased the pain of not having her in your arms

But in the morning, when the stranger woke up next to you

You would realize she wasn’t in there.


She sees you

In her heart

She wants to know

How are you?



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