A Brilliant, Beautiful Lie

I am the ability to see in darkness

Motive without the crime

A specific period of circumstance

Without an absolute time.

A distinct memory that refreshes

Nobody can recall

Winter, Spring, and Summer

Without the changing Fall.

A complete lack of judgement

Where everything turns out fine

A toddler wanting to tantrum

Without the ability to whine.

The chances we take to make something right

When absolutely everything goes wrong

Discernment far after the fact

When we knew the price all along.

The color everyone sees at night

When all I hear is the sound

Did you actually hear her heart breaking?

Or just when it hit the ground?

The sheer force of stillness

Leaves us alone in fright

The ability to feel love

In a person lacking insight.

An entire circumstance wrapped up

In a moment of anger and haste

A huge dessert you’ve spent hours on

Without the desire to even taste.

I am your freedom and happiness

Every moment that went awry

The ultimate confusion in life

A brilliant and beautiful lie.


Originally written by me 1.20.14 and titled “I Am”



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