Her Suicide

She grabbed a shot of Patrone

Then reached for her phone

It was time to tell him goodbye.

Smiling at a stranger

He doesn’t know the danger

Yet this one she won’t even try.

For years she loved a man

Though they didn’t have a plan

They just went where their hearts said to go.

Tired of the wait

Being second rate

It was time to pull the curtain on this show.

She tried to stop loving

It was really something

She made the call that night.

He cried and he begged for her to stay

But she’d already decided not to play

And tonight, she was tired of the fight.

The heart and the mind

Always taking turns at what they find

And you, always getting lost in the lie.

Tonight she’ll empty her phone

Tip her hat to the throne

Because tonight, she’s going to die.

His one last call to her was brief

It was  a moment of agonizing grief

When he realized he’d lost her at last.

She boarded a plane for a while

Because she really wanted to go out in style

Why not do it right there where you live?

She started thinking of days gone by

How much she hated to fly

How little you had to give.

Anger started coming

She started softly humming

All the while the plane flew.

She hadn’t lost the love inside

Not an ounce of it would subside

When in that moment, she decided instead it would be you.

I am not one




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