What Will You Use Her For?

She has the most amazing eyes you’ve ever seen

They go from this crystal blue to emerald green.

She has a laugh you will never forget

You’ll be so happy, you ever met.

The intelligence of five grown men

She’ll work magic with paper and a pen.

A body that you could get lost in for days

A mind that dreams fantasies and plays.

Breasts that would melt your heart to see

Deep inside her, you will want to be.

Yet you men always asking for more

What will use you use this one for?

Will she be a trophy you put on a case?

Be any more than a beautiful face?

Will you fuck her madly then be bored?

Tell all your friends, that finally you scored?

Is she simply a match for a single use?

Do you think she will withstand your abuse?

Is she here for a single score?

I’ve heard she’s killed before.

We must watch, with whom we play

Some women know, and can take it away.

You call her names, like an angry cow

When repairing the damage, who’s the bitch now?



2 thoughts on “What Will You Use Her For?

  1. Cries from an abandoned soul, a gentle voice that speaks its tale. Sadness, and some bitterness too – leaving behind echoes of loss.

    Enjoyed your poem, wish I had time to digest them all, for I – like you – am a busy bee.

    LarryTaylor @lgt41

    1. It is a little bit of everything, I agree. I think I just wanted to use “who is the bitch now” in a poem. ha ha. Thanks for reading and commenting. May you find some peace, when you aren’t busy.

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