It was a wooden bench

I sat on it in the pouring rain.

Everything I owned getting wet

Nothing mattered to me right then.

Next to me was a rose

Laying on the bench

Getting wet


Like me.


The thorns reminded me of my mind

How my angry words have come out

They reminded me of the painful parts of life

How perhaps, it was me that could have taken another route.

The leaves remind me of my friends

Hanging on for dear life

To a woman that didn’t see it

Sitting in the rain, in strife.

The petals remind me of how beautiful life can be

How fragile, and lovely

They remind me that no matter what

He never put anyone above me.

The stem reminds me how strong I am

How I never let go

That things I thought really got to me

Were really just part of the show.

Sat and watched this rose for a while

How it seemed so much like me

Without the ability to get up and leave

Without the ability to flee.