We Are

We are chasing rainbows in an effervescent sky

All the while, the sun shining on our skin

Laughing, we throw all caution to the wind

For we know that today may be all we have.

We are the ones chasing dreams relentlessly

Carry passion with us everywhere we go.

Taking risks to not compromise our intention

Though sometimes just being human, makes us human.

We are the ones that do not see color in people

We see compassion, strength, devotion.

The ones that rise from the ashes and soot

Never again looking behind us at what was.

We are uncommon in our dealings with the truth

We hear it, speak it, live it, and exude it.

Not once do we entertain the lie of the media

Or anything else that we do not see ourselves.

We are men, women, children, of all faiths

Believing this world needs all of us, for diversity.

Believing that sharing our traditions is better than losing them

To a tyrant that couldn’t tie his shoes without a bribe.

We may believe that Muhammad (PBUH) was our prophet

Or simply that he was a great man.

We may be holding the Holy Bible in our hand

But the other hand will be holding yours.

We are the peacemakers, the true nobles

That will allow diversity and peace

In every nation

We are in.







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