Like a beautifully written masterpiece

You can’t quite figure out.

A finger you use to trace a map

But you just can’t find the route.

Maybe this time she will succumb

You think to yourself twice.

Maybe this trail of breadcrumbs will lure her

Or perhaps these gems will suffice.

She’s a shield you use in battle

When the storm just never ends.

The one time, through gritted teeth

You agreed to just be friends.

The deliverance you requested

When you forgot to settle the score.

The one time, In Qatar

You forgot what it was all for.

She could never deliver you from evil

Yet she casts some lovely spells.

It’s only that they deal with the heart

That’s what this write tells.


They say she is like a Rembrandt

While you toy with child’s art.

It is as if you would rather have 1000 lessor

Than to really give your heart.


She’s a masterpiece of confusion

The kind you can’t seem to avoid.

The eyes, the heart the everything

You wish were all destroyed.

Now you cannot get her out of your head

No matter how many you’re with.

She seems to have something over you

Yet your friends tell you that’s a myth.

She’s a concoction of your reality

An effervescent fruit.

She gleams and shines through everything

And you answer with “she’s cute?”

Perhaps your grasp of language

Isn’t exactly taken to task.

But a very important question is at stake

If you would only take the time to ask.




One thought on “Masterpiece

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  1. Another wonderful write that takes me beyond, into the mists of imagination! You’re, rather than your…do you see it? It’s but a minor thing, no? Love your writes, Josie! 😘

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