Kill Me Instead

I wish I could take their pain away

Wipe the tears from their eyes

Walk into the war zone

And scream for everyone to stop.

I wish I could demand

That everyone cease this fighting

This killing

These wars.

I wish I could show them peace

Hand it to them

Like a gift.

I wish someone


Would listen to me

Explain how none of this

Is going to ever fix anything.


I wish I could stand in the middle of the street

Of their street

In their country

Crying and begging

For them to stop.

Walking up to men with guns

Gently take the gun from his hands

While telling him

“This isn’t the way.”


You’ll never kill a religion

You cannot kill what people say

You will never kill what people believe.


If you want to randomly kill

Innocent people

For no other reason

Than they believe differently than you

You can start with me.

I’m protected

Valued as a member of a society

Where we are allowed to have different opinions

Different hopes and dreams

Different beliefs.


I wish I could take their pain away

Bring back their mothers and fathers

Their children, nieces and nephews.

Wipe the tears from their face

And tell them that I

Of all the people in the world

Won’t stand another day

Letting them be in pain.




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